At TOTAL FOOTBALL, we look to promote the love for the game. We are one of the first football centric websites in the country, focusing on both the national as well as the international game, and we look at players, clubs, and countries.

Our activities including looking at footballing initiatives in our country. We cover all those individuals and groups which have organized games for under-privileged children and the establishment of a full-fledged league for serious players. We will look at the journey of a player – when he or she first learns about football, to how he or she starts playing the game at an amateur level, right up to the point when he or she represents the country.

Connect the Dots

In this category, we trace Indian football, from its roots right up to the upper echelons of the AIFF. In this segment, our videos will showcase every struggle, every effort made to popularize the sport in our country. Our videos will include those of NGOs, which have used football as a medium to empower the marginalized and of national team players to see what it took them to start from the bottom but eventually don the national jersey.

Off the Pitch

In this category, we look at all those activities that take place away from the football field, but are just as important a part of the game. We will look at football-based video games, footballing merchandise, the rituals of fans, pre-and post matches and so on.

Footy Sphere

Playing football has always spread joy amongst people and has made them recognize the feeling of unity. Total Football, with the Footy Sphere campaign, gives every football fan the chance to show his skills and love for the game in the form of pictures and videos. The campaign is all about sharing the moments with the ball and doing something that makes every footy fan happy.

Training Ground

The training ground segment focuses on player-building and basics of football. The game is an art which is needed to be learnt in a particular manner and Total Football with its training ground segment intends to do the same. NSCAA and USSF 'D' license coach Peter Douthit explains the importance of various aspects of the game which cannot be overlooked in the player development process.

Outdoor Activity

We believe that one of the ways that one can express their love for football is by playing the game. With that in mind, we organize outdoor activities, tournaments and all affairs related to the beautiful game. Apart from this, we have many more footy activities lined up for the near future.


The Total Football blog is one stop where the prime focus entirely lies on Indian and European football. The blog is a platform to connect with the fans in a more detailed manner and giving them the insights into the footy world.The blog will be divided into two categories –

Indian Football: This category will feature all the blogs related to Indian football, from I-league match previews to unanswered questions about the state of the game in our country.

European Football: Total Football will also be writing on European football where match analysis will be followed with which players to look out for in the current season.

Social Media

Social Media Businesses and commerce treading along the paths of social media like blogs, articles, video and podcasts has escalated social media marketing to the doorsteps globally. While video holds a higher viewership, Total Football showcases the best from the footy world of India on its video channels primarily on youtube and others like facebook and twitter. Video holds a powerful option to reach out the heterogeneous masses giving a better understanding on the various pieces of Indian football. Apart from our video presence, we also post our blogs on social media and give regular updates like results, injuries, transfer news and so on.


Our aim is to tie-up with artists who understand and love the beautiful game. If you, through your talents and skill-sets as a designer can help promote the game, we are eagerly waiting for you. Come be a part of the Total Football team.

We, at Total Football, are calling all fashion designers to design football-centric merchandise for our website. We are looking for designers with works which have a unique blend of innovativeness and mass appeal.

TFShop is an e-commerce portal where our objective is that every passionate football fan in the country is able to express his or her love for the beautiful game by donning high quality, yet affordable merchandise depicting their favourite team or player. We wish to do away with the economic divide that seems to plague football fans in the country.

All artistes will be eligible for profit sharing with us, on the basis of products sold. Moreover, Total Football will cover your initial cost of production of the merchandise. Further, we will conduct video interviews with all designers to understand why is it they created their work.

For more details, contact us.