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France Does the Impossible and Ronaldo is Superman

world cup


These two matches – France vs Ukraine and Sweden vs Portugal were billed in a completely different light. The former was supposed to be a done-deal, a mere formality for Ukraine after the 2-0 victory in Kiev last week, while the latter was dismissed as a dull affaire, fuelled by the Swedish Coach Erik Hamren publically stating that he would rely on the frosty conditions to get stem the threat of the Portuguese attack. And the Footballing Gods took one look at each fixture and said, “Let there be goals.”

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Delhi Youth League – Round 6 results


Results from Round 5 of the Delhi Youth League, held on Sunday, November 17. The most outstanding team of the day was BBFS, which won all but one of their matches across each age group, losing 1-0 to IYSA-NDJ1 in the under-15 category.

Remember That Day, The Day You Started Playing Football?


Remember that day, all those years ago, when you watched a game for the first time? That magical moment, when the ball flew past the goalposts and wild celebrations ensued. The euphoria that engulfed the scorer and his teammates; the abject disappointment, palpable in the air, of the opposition. And it doesn’t matter whether it was a game which was being aired live on television, with thousands of spectators in the stadium and millions watching across the world, or it was just a few lads kicking a ball around at the local park – from that moment you were hooked.


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