Monthly Archives: January 2014

Julian Draxler: A Little Too Late?



As this article is being written, Arsenal’s chief negotiator, Dick Law, is in Germany to try and finalize a deal for the promising winger Julian Draxler before the January transfer window closes. But many feel this is a move that has come a little too late.

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Mata: A Boon or an Expensive Curse?



Juan Mata’s transfer, moving from Chelsea to Manchester United, is the most expensive transfer ever for the red devils, the £37.1million splashed on the Spaniard being almost £7 million than the previous record, when Dimitar Berbatov moved to Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspurs.

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Exchanging Blue for Red?


The thing about transfer season is that no player knows when he suddenly becomes the centre of a transfer speculation. Sometimes, the transfer takes places place in a snap, like we saw with Mesut Ozil last summer; sometimes it drags over a year, like with Luka Modric.

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