Dortmund Offers Schweinsteiger Singing Lessons


When it comes to being cheeky, few clubs are as daring as Borussia Dortmund. The best way to illustrate this is the way the club has handled Schweinsteiger and his post-World Cup celebrations.


It has been a mere few days since a video emerged of Germany and Bayern Munich player Bastian Schweinsteiger singing an offensive song directed towards the Dortmund supporters. In his defence, Schweinsteiger immediately came out with an apology via video, blaming the incident on alcohol, though accepting that such an action was unacceptable.


Borussia Dortmund was magnanimous to accept his apology immediately. However, with more than a touch of humour, the club issued the following statement, published on their official Facebook page.


Dear Bastian Schweinsteiger,


Drinking a beer after winning the World Cup (which once again, we warmly congratulate you for!) are times when emotions are let out and run reckless. Sometimes, due to this, utterances are made in the heat of the moment that are not meant – no problem! 


We respect you for the fair sportsman that you are, and never made a fuss due to your song and accept your video apology.


Also, we wish you nice holidays in Croatia!



Borussia Dortmund


PS: While singing, you went a little off-key. If you ever need singing lessons, just let us know. We always love to help.