Exchanging Blue for Red?


The thing about transfer season is that no player knows when he suddenly becomes the centre of a transfer speculation. Sometimes, the transfer takes places place in a snap, like we saw with Mesut Ozil last summer; sometimes it drags over a year, like with Luka Modric.

Anyway, this January, Manchester United seems to be linked with just about everybody under the sun, with the most prolific being Juan Mata from Chelsea, Dante from Bayern Munich and Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton. Will they get all three? Will they get none? That question is as difficult to answer as is the age-old question – will Arsene Wenger sign somebody, anybody? That is the question on everybody’s lips, but the Frenchman refuses to divulge any information.

The giants of the transfer market, Real Madrid and Barcelona, who seem intent to add new players every time the market opens, are unusually quiet this time around, while the new big-boys-around-the-block, Bayern Munich, have already concluded their business, with Robert Lewandowski set to join them in the summer.