Interview: Calum Angus, Pune FC

Ever since he joined Pune FC, Calum Angus, the English defender has been making waves helping the team head towards the end of November with 13 points, sitting 2nd in the table. The 27-year-old has already scored twice this season. Total Football caught up with him to find out how life was in India.


TF: What made you join Pune FC?
CA: My agent had spoken to me about Indian football and how it was improving immensely.
Then he contacted me and told me about coach Mike Snoei and how it would be a great opportunity to come to a club like Pune FC and work with him. His CV and the clubs vision was enough for me to want to come here.


TF: What attracted you to Indian football?
CA: Like I said, my agent had said positive things about Indian football and the improvements it had made. I view it as a great experience, and it has been nothing but that since I have arrived.


TF: Being one of the few European signings for the club, how does it feel? Do people know about I-League in Europe? How did you come to know about Pune FC?
CA: Many people are very interested in Indian football in Europe, but they know very little about it. All my old team mates are very interested in what it is like and frequently ask me about it. It feels great to be here and the clubs vision to integrate young Indian talent into the team is exciting and it has already been evident in the first few rounds at Pune FC.


TF: Is there any particular player you look forward to play with in the I-League?
CA: No not really. I do not look to other players in the league, rather, just look forward to what we have at Pune. I think we have a great group of guys and can do something special this season. That is what I look forward to most.


TF: Your message to all the young aspiring footballers?
CA: Just believe in your abilities and work on your technique in all aspects of the game. If you do this you can go as far as you want to with your football career.