Street Feet Fiesta 5.0: A Rotaract club initiative to promote Football at grassroots level

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Street Feet Fiesta is a football tournament organized in the month of October by the Rotaract Club of SIES College, Nerul. The tournament which began back in the year 2014, with time has gained a lot of popularity and is one of the biggest football tournaments organized in the city of Navi Mumbai. Opening up about the experience of hosting this tournament, Chairperson of SFF 5.0 Rtr. Shruthi Nair says “Having seen the tournament grow right in front of me has been a pleasure, organizing it is an honor. The tournament in the short span of 4 years has evolved as a platform for local football stars to showcase what they are and has managed to create its own space in the ever-growing world of football.”

The initial aim of the tournament was to promote the sport of football at the ground level in the city of Navi Mumbai but with time the tournament evolved into something way bigger than imagined. Chairperson of SFF 5.0, Rtr. Akshay Pisal says, “SFF today stands as more than a football tournament. The club focuses on various issues. For example, we with SFF hope to improve the participation of women in the sport of football. We have a ladies open category which with each passing year has shown an increase in the number of participants.”

Each season SFF focuses on a social cause. This year the club will try to raise clothes and shoes for a local orphanage. Rtr. Jagruti Bagwe, President of Rotaract Club of SIES Nerul, “See, young footballers outgrow their jerseys and studs very quickly. These studs and jerseys then become useless. In this season of SFF, we hope to collect all these used clothes and shoes and donate them to a local orphanage.”


SFF 5.0, will be hosted in the prestigious Terna College. The tournament will go on from the 20th to the 21st of October. There are a total of three categories: Boys (under 16), Boys (Open), and Girls (Open). SFF is a platform for everyone. Are you game?