TOTAL FOOTBALL is committed to the development of the exciting game that is football. We use our web skills and our production skills to ensure the game is covered from every angle, right from the grassroots to the top of the pyramid – international football.

If you are venturing into this exhilarating world, we would be more than happy in being a part of your journey and would love the opportunity to grow with you. We know that taking on a task as massive as football can be difficult, and this is where our expertise will come in. We will provide help and guidance to you wherever required and we have a dedicated team that is passionate about the sport and knows and understands exactly what the sport needs to grow in the country.

And yes, we will be just as excited as you to work in this field.

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Footers Deed

FOOTERS is an initiative that aims at lending a voice to anything associated with football This initiative was started by some passionate football worshipers, who believe that India as a country, has much to contribute to the beautiful game. There are people who can talk about the game and play the game....but how many can talk sense and play with the intention of making a dent in the footballing sphere? FOOTERS is an attempt to bridge that gap.


The Away Strip

The Away Strip uses info-graphics, analytics and opinion pieces to inspire readers to look behind the scoreline and find out what really goes on in the beautiful game. Total Football has tied up with The Away Strip to provide Indian readers with in-depth analysis of the European segment of the game.


Josh India

It is the privilege, indeed the right of every child to be able to play. Unfortunately, in our country, due to the abject poverty of our country, there are millions of children who miss out on this basic right.

Born under less fortunate circumstances, they have to fend for themselves, and often they have to work for a living. Josh India, in association with Total Football, wants to put an end to this phenomenon. We want to bring the world “play” back into the vocabulary of girls and boys across the country.

We want them to experience childhood the way it is meant to be experienced.

We want every child to have a smile on their face.


Libero Sports

Libero Sports is consultant organization that looks at player representation, career management and strategic consulting. They have a network of consultants with specialized expertise as needed for particular projects and clients. Additionally, all Libero Sports Principals have experience either playing or coaching with elite youth clubs, state and regional associations and collegiate teams. Total Football has tied up with Libero Sports in order to know and bring out the hidden aspects of the game to football fans.


The Delhi Youth League

Football is growing more and more popular as a sport in India, and Delhi is no exception. Almost every field will see a group of kids kicking a ball around. However, there is a dearth of platforms where the talent of these kids can be showcased. That’s where the Delhi Youth League steps in. “The problem with the knockout or cup tournament is that it lasts for a few days, and gets over all too suddenly,” says Paul Schuttenbelt, one of the organisers of the league. “The difference that the league format brings in is that it lasts across a greater time period, thus the real talent and passion for the game comes through.” Total Football will be covering the DYL, providing exhausting records for each match, including the scores, the top scorers, the best players and the best teams. Log on to our website or follow us on facebook www.facebook/TotalFootballFans and twitter @TFShow to get the latest scores and updates.